Helen O’Shea

Home Base: New Jersey 07740 Catch Us In: New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania Contact Name: Helen McNamara O'Shea Contact Email: helenoshea.music@gmail.com Contact Phone: (609) 580-0550 Website: www.helenosheamusic.net

Helen O’Shea is an Irish born, New Jersey based singer, songwriter, show producer & recording artist who is well known for her moving original songs and stories covering the four pillars of life, love, loss and legacy, in the style of “AmeriCeltiCana” – Americana with a Celtic twist! Helen is a multiple award winner for her songwriting with writing partner Marc Swersky and she has just received 3 Indie Music Channel Awards for 3 different songs in 2023. She has partnered with her co-writer and two time Grammy winning producer Marc Swersky in Asbury Park NJ for all of her recordings to date: “Mama Told You…”; “Turning Tides…”; “A Little Christmas Kindness”; “Know You’re Enough” as well as her latest album “Sturdy Souls” released in September 2023.

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