Suffering Overload

Home Base: Alabama 32210 Contact Name: Linda German Contact Email: Contact Phone: 904-608-4881 Website:

Suffering Overload, from the start was formed by guitarist Kyle Michael Judkins around 2007 The band started out playing cover songs at local venues around Jacksonville, FL. Vocalist Angelo Narvaez joined the band in 2009 and started playing more cover shows and playing four one hour sets. Around 2015 guitarist Jason Michael Judkins joined the band. Still doing cover shows spreading out to near by Counties playing shows. The band started writing original music and had a couple of songs under their belt.

The year 2021 Suffering Overload was looking for a new Drummer and Bassist to complete a professional writing team. Professional Drummer Donnie Thumper Hill, and Bassist Kevin Hancock joined the band, and a drum & bass team was born, “TET” Thumper Extreme Team ! The chemistry with this lineup is extremely amazing !

Opening show’s for National Recording Artist in different venues and concert Halls in and around the Jacksonville Florida area. The band has been recording a new album coming out Worldwide sometime this year 2023. You can find more information about Suffering Overload on Facebook and Lyrics videos on YouTube.

Jacksonville 32210 FL US
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