Local Honey

Home Base: New Jersey 07728 Catch Us In: New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania Contact Name: Dirk Alexander Contact Email: trio@LocalHoneyBand.com Contact Phone: (848) 207-4819 Website: www.LocalHoneyBand.com

Local Honey is a band that wanted to do something different… They wanted to play songs that they loved listening to and being a three-piece band, they love the challenge of trying to make it work while always respecting the original song. Since there isn’t a specific genre that they lock themselves into they play whatever they feel works for them… Through hours of back-and-forth behind the scenes conversations (and maybe a few cocktails), they’ll come up with songs that they want to play and that our friends would like to hear. So, if you’re into hearing some Seals and Croft, Hall and Oates, Beatles, Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, Tears For Fears maybe pepper in some Foo Fighters… you’re our people.

Local Honey will constantly surprise audiences with an eclectic mix of styles and tastes that will leave people wanting to come back for more.

Come out and get a taste… Local Honey is good for you!!!