Bees Deluxe

Home Base: Massachusetts 02130 Catch Us In: Connecticut, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, District of Columbia Contact Name: Conrad Warre Contact Email: Contact Phone: (617) 969-0334 Website:

Hell-bent on their mission to bring the blues into the 21st century, Bees Deluxe pushes the limits, colors outside the lines of convention and bends the genre to create a sound that is distinct, highly musical and yet deeply respectful of the blues tradition.

​Fronted and founded by British guitarist, the band’s repertoire includes addictive originals as well as fresh takes on tunes by artists ranging from Billie Holiday to Jimi Hendrix. Bees Deluxe has toured from Maine to Miami winning fans, amazing audiences and sharing the stage with headliners like: Ronnie Earl, Joanne Shaw Taylor, Mike Zito, Walter Trout, Joanna Connor, Matt Schofield, and Roomful of Blues.

Bees Deluxe: “…what might happen if Freddie King took a lot of acid then wrote a song with Pat Metheny and asked a strung-out Stevie Ray Vaughan to take a solo” — Blues Blast Magazine