Blues City Cafe

Address: 142 Beale St, Memphis, TN 38103 Town: Memphis 38103 Contact Phone: (901) 526-3637 Website:

Blues City Cafe opened in March of 1991 under the name of “Doe’s Eat Place”. Doe’s was originated in Greenville Mississippi by owners Charles and Dominic (Doe) Signa. George Eldridge was brought in as the owner in Memphis and ran Doe’s for 2 years during a push for business in downtown Memphis, particularly Beale Street. In the early 90’s, Blues City Cafe developed a menu and consistent items that would work for the Memphis and Beale Street locals, tourists, etc. Ribs became the focal point, as they are today, and other items were added over the years, such as our steaks, catfish and tamales. In October of 1993, investors bought Doe’s and changed the name to Blues City Cafe. Many of the same faces that were with Doe’s in the early 90’s remain at Blues City Cafe today. Their consistency and constant drive to better our food quality and speed of service have made Blues City Cafe what it is today,  The #1 business at the #1 tourist attraction in Tennessee.

Beale Street 142
Memphis 38103 TN US
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